The following describes Tricia's basic philosophy on life and health

Tricia believes by combining mindfulness practices with psychotherapy, individuals of all ages can achieve an increased state of overall wellness.

Preventative Maintenance

Training in mindfulness-based practices should begin in childhood, allowing children to develop social emotional learning and build critical skills to increase their resilience for life.


Mind, body and spirit are irrevocably interconnected.

Mindful Awareness

Allows us to quiet the busy mind, reducing rumination and anxiety.
Increases the length of our telomeres- potentially slowing down the aging process.

Improves relationships both with others and ourselves by increasing self-awareness creating increased compassion, empathy and loving-kindness and decreasing judgement.

Cultivate Gratitude

Observe the world and daily experiences from a place of gratitude, start gratitude journal, give at least one compliment a day. Find a way to make gratitude a part of your life.

It’s about you

Take time to exist in the present moment

Too often we shift into default mode network where we spend time thinking about the past or future events. This is about making time to be present in the here and now, making a connection with the direct experience. Free yourself of past mistakes, let go of the anticipated stressors and simply exist.

Slow down the fast pace of life

In today’s society we are always on the go…running from one place to the next. Being in the direct experience is the opportunity to stop and move slowly in the moment, embracing the now.

Appreciate where you are

Appreciate where you are in your practice and your life…understand where you are today is temporary; tomorrow may take you somewhere else.


Accept yourself; embrace positives and negatives as collectively composing the whole. Accept that as human beings we are in a constant state of learning through personal growth and development.


Love yourself first and foremost because no one else can, or will, love you with the capacity you have to love yourself.

Inner peace

Strive to find happiness in life’s simple pleasures
Tickle your children. Hold hands. Watch clouds float across a clear blue-sky.
Find inner peace by truly appreciating the experience.

Be true to yourself

Strive to always be yourself.

Personal balance

Balance physical activity, with work, family time, contemplative time, rest and nutrition.


Feel Better

Sleep better

Eat better

Love deeper

Appreciate more

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